Crockpot Birria Tacos Recipe

Last year at my nephew's birthday we all gathered at one of our local Mexican restaurants.  We all ordered our usuals except my husband.  He reached outside of his proverbial box and ordered Birria Tacos.  The waiter brought out this AMAZING platter of food and the smell...oh my heart the smell.  I will never forget John's face when he took the first bite of his taco and I knew in that instant I had to recreate this for him at home.  So, that's what I did!  I present to you my version of Crockpot Birria Tacos

The Crockpot Birria Tacos on a cutting board surrounded by the au jus and toppings.

Big authentic flavors made in with the simplicity of your crockpot.  Guys this recipe was everything I hoped it would be and I can't wait to show you how I made it!  Let me show you how I did it! 

The Crockpot Birria Tacos on a cutting board surrounded by the au jus sauce and various condiments.


Q:  What is birria tacos?
A:  Birria tacos are a traditional Mexican dish made with braised beef that’s slow-cooked in a fragrant chile sauce with various spices. The beef is then stuffed into corn tortillas that have been dipped in the au jus and then fried until crispy.  They are AMAZING!

Q:  Can these be made vegan/vegetarian? 
A:  Yes!  I have a vegan version HERE

Q:  Do I have to use corn tortillas?
A:  No.  I will tell you that I have used both though, and corn tortillas are the BEST option for this recipe.  

Q:  Where can I find the chillies?
A:  You can usually find them in your local Mexican market, or the ethnic foods section of your local grocer.  However, If you are from a small town like me, I ordered mine from amazon.  I will link the California Chilies HERE and the Arbol Chilies HERE.


  1. Sounds amazing! But where can I get "California" (are they know by any other name?) and Arbol chilies?

    1. Hi Sue! So you can usually find them in a Mexican market or in your ethnic foods section of your local grocer. However, I am in a small town, so I ordered them off Amazon. I will add link to the bottom of the post of where I got them.

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