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The Best Vegan Meatloaf Using Impossible Meat Recipe

 I have a confession to make.  I love meatloaf.  I know it's not everyone's cup of tea, but growing up in West Virginia it was one of my favorite meals, and I always looked forward to when it was on the menu.  Ironically enough, when I got married, and was learning how to cook, it was one of the recipes I struggled with most.  My meatloaf was either dry and tough.  Or, it would totally fall apart.  But once I got the meatloaf recipe down, my Classic Meatloaf Recipe was perfection every time.  Fast forward to current day.  I still LOVE meatloaf, but I no longer eat meat.  Problematic?  Actually no.  I'm about to blow your mind with The Best Vegan Meatloaf Recipe Using Impossible Meat

This Vegan Meatloaf using Impossible Meat is moist and flavorful.  It has great texture.  It's so easy to make. What I really love about this vegan meatloaf recipe is that it uses things that you would most likely have in your plant-based pantry.  I know you are going to love this one so...

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Easy Crockpot Vegan Italian Beef Sandwich Recipe

Well hello there!  Yes, I know, it has been a HOT minute since I posted on this blog, but in my defense life has been a little crazy.  That being said I have a confession.  I LOVE watching food related stuff on Youtube.  Vegan, vegetarian, standard American diet, you name it I love it.  I am always getting inspired to create new things in my kitchen.  That very thing happened the other day.  I was watching She's In Her Apron  and she was making Italian Beef Sandwiches.  Oh man, they looked so good.  I knew I wanted to try and veganize this recipe, so I got right to work!  All I can say is that WOW this one really blew the entire family's mind.  

Rich, hearty, beefy, everything you would want an Italian Beef Sandwich, but with NONE of the meat!  Oh and did I mention we are making it in the CROCKPOT!?! I know you are going to love this one so...

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Easy Crockpot Vegan Ravioli Soup Recipe #crocktober

 We have been getting a lot of rain this autumn which is okay by me because I love soup and NOTHING warms your soul during a rainy day like a big bowl of soup.  That's why I love this Easy Crockpot Vegan Ravioli Soup Recipe.

A finished bowl of the Easy Crockpot Vegan Ravioli Soup Recipe.

With simple ingredients from your pantry and the convenience of a slow cooker, this Easy Crockpot Vegan Ravioli Soup is sure to hit the spot!  I can't wait to share it with you so...

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Simple Crockpot Vegan Chicken and Dumplings Recipe #crocktober

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It has been gray, cold, wet, and windy here in West Virginia and I am HERE FOR IT!  The trees have really started to pop and that can mean only one thing, IT'S CROCKPOT SEASON!   Nothing beats dinner simmering away all day and the whole house wafting in goodness.  This Simple Crockpot Vegan Chicken and Dumplings Recipe checks all the boxes.  

A bowl of the finished Simple Crockpot Vegan Chicken and Dumplings Recipe

Warm, hearty, rich, and savory I can't think of anything better to warm the soul on these cold autumn nights.  Oh, and did I mention it is VEGAN!  I CANNOT wait to share this one with you so...

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Easy Vegan Witch Hat Hot Pockets Halloween Recipe

 I can't believe that we are already half way through October.  I still have so much fun, seasonal stuff I want to do, but I'm running out of time.  One thing that I HAVE managed to pull off is some pretty awesome Halloween themed meals for my little guy like these Easy Vegan Witch Hat Hot Pockets!  

The Easy Vegan Witch Hat Hot Pockets on a cutting board with Halloween decor all around.

These Easy Vegan Witch Hat Hot Pockets are so versatile and only use a few simple ingredients.  They are also ready in about 10 minutes!  I can't wait to share these with you so...

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Vegan Severed Finger Hot Dogs Halloween Recipe

If you have followed me on social media for any amount of time you will know that I LOVE Halloween.  To be honest I'm not into all the dark, scary aspects of the holiday.  However, I really enjoy all of the fun, quirkiness the season brings.  Since becoming a mom I especially love making fun and whimsical Halloween themed meals.  I've had a lot of fun with this recently and I can't wait to share with you what I have come up with starting with these Vegan Severed Finger Hot DogsThe vegan severed hot dog on a plate with waffle fries and some seasonal decor.I know, they look at little...gross, but trust me when I say my family had a hoot with them and I know you will too.  Let me show you how I did it!

Vegan Mississippi Pot Roast Recipe Crockpot

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It's #Crocktober and that means a large portion of the month will be dedicated to all of the comforting slowcooker meals we know and love! I'll be honest, I have struggled with crockpot meals since going plant-based.  Usually they involve a large hunk of meat, some sort of condensed soup, and A LOT of cheese.  Obviously most of those ingredients are off the table for us.  However that doesn't mean I don't crave those rich flavors especially my old favorite, Mississippi Pot Roast.  Hearty, rich, meaty, *sigh* those days are over for us...or are they?  

A platter of the vegan mississippi pot roast over a bed of chateau bread dumplings with a box of the bread dumplings to the side.

I'm happy to say that after much trial and error the answer to that question is firm NO! No they are not.  In fact, I'm about to blow your mind with this AMAZING Vegan Crockpot Mississippi Pot Roast Recipe!  This plant-based recipe has all the great flavor of the traditional recipe without any of the guilt ESPECIALLY when served on a bed of fluffy Chateau Bread Dumplings.  I can't wait to share this one with you so...

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