Sunday, June 11, 2023

Easy BLT Pasta Recipe

When I am in a hurry I want a simple recipe that I can have on the table in no time, without sacrificing any flavor.  This Easy BLT Pasta Recipe fits the bill! 

A bowl of the Easy BLT Pasta with a fork in it.

Packed full of crispy bacon, fresh spinach, and juicy tomatoes this Easy BLT Pasta Recipe is a simple weeknight meal that is ready in under 30 minutes!  Let me show you how I make it. 

A bowl of the Easy BLT Pasta with a fork in it.


Q:  Can I use turkey or vegan bacon for this recipe.
A:  Absolutely!  You just may have to add a little oil to sauté the tomatoes and onion in. 

Q:  Can I use canned tomatoes in place of the fresh?
A:  Yes you can.  I have done that myself.  I especially like to use the ones that have the Italian seasoning in them.

Q:  Can I use frozen spinach for this recipe.
A:  Yes.  However you will need to thaw it and then squeeze out the excess liquid. 

Q:  Can I use garlic powder instead of fresh.
A:  Yes.

Q:  Do I have to use spaghetti pasta?
A:  No, you can use whatever pasta you like. 


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