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How to Make Vegan Coleslaw Recipe

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It's summer, and I LOVE entertaining!  My husband and I love to throw BBQs and invite all of our friends! One thing I am passionate about it making sure there is something for everyone.  One of the hardest things my plant based friends have to deal with during BBQ season is that they are left nibbling on a vegetable tray or eating a salad because no one has prepared anything for them.  That is why I am partnering with Walmart and MorningStar Farms to show you how you can provide delicious plant based BBQ food at your next cookout that EVERYONE is going to enjoy!  

I made some mouthwatering pulled "pork" and grilled hot dogs with an AMAZING vegan coleslaw!  I can't wait to show you how I did it, so...

Let's get started!

First things first, I head on over to my local Walmart and go straight to the freezer section.  You can spot the MorningStar Farms sections straight away because of their bright green packaging.  Whether you are vegetarian, vegan, or just wanting to make some healthier choices in you eating, MorningStar Farms have all sort of delicious options to choose from.  I grabbed the pulled pork, veggie dogs, and the grillers crumbles.  Oh, I should mention that IBOTTA is also offering a $3 rebate with purchase!  Just simply click the image below.

Now it's time to head home and get started! 

How to Make a Caramel Mocha Chip Frappe

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One of the down sides to living in a rural area is that often times we don't get a lot of the popular coffee chains that others have access to.  That's why I am partnering with Walmart, International Delight®  and Reddi-Wip® to show you how you can make one of my favorite coffeehouse drinks at home, a Caramel Mocha Frappe! 

That's right, when the summer temps start rising, nothing beats a creamy, frozen coffee drink.  So let's #FrappeYourWay and get started!

The first thing that I did was head to the dairy section at my local Walmart.  

I grabbed some Extra Creamy Reddi-wip and the International Delight Caramel Macchiato Coffee Creamer.  Not only are these my two favorite ingredients to use in my everyday coffee, but they are going to make the PERFECT flavor base and topping for this frappe.  After that it was home to get crackin'!

5 Tips for Making a Small Home Wheelchair Accessible on a Budget

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When you are a caregiver, life can change in an instant.  You can be moving a long, following your routine, and something happen that changes everything.  That is what happened in our family last January.  My mother-in-law fell, broke her hip, and that was all she wrote.  She went from being totally mobile to having to use a walker/wheel chair.  I'm not going to lie to you, when I was looking at all the equipment she was utilizing during rehabilitation I was little overwhelmed.  How could we afford all of this?  Then there was the issue of our home.  We live in a little 1,100 square foot A-Frame house.  Can we even get a wheel chair through the door?  

That is when I was relieved to discover the Family Caregiving section at my local Sam's Club.  They truly are a one stop shop, and carried so many of the items we needed, at reasonable prices.  Because of that we were able to make the changes that we need in our home on budget.  That is why I am partnering with Sam's Club today to share my 5 Tips for Making a Small Home Wheelchair Accessible on a Budget.  I'm super excited about this post so...

Let's Get Started!

Mississippi Pot Roast Recipe Crock-Pot

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I don't know if it's all the rain we've been having, or the fact that my mind is shifting towards autumn, but I have been craving comfort food like crazy.  However, it's a raging inferno outside, so I don't necessarily want to have my oven going all day.  That's when I turn to my crock-pot.  

I had a chuck roast in my freezer, but I wasn't in the mood for my Classic Slow-Cooker Pot Roast.  I clicked on Pinterest and typed pot roast in the search bar.  Next thing I know something called Mississippi Pot Roast popped up about a million times.  I assumed it must be good so I decided to give it a try.  OH.MY.STARS!  This was seriously one of the best meals I have ever had and I can't wait to share it with you so...

Let's Get Started!

Easy Tuscan Chicken Pasta Recipe

I have a confession to make to y'all.  I am addicted to YouTube.  Yep, it's a problem.  The thing is, there really isn't a lot of quality TV anymore so I find myself gravitating towards YouTube.  One of my favorite YouTube families is The Family Fudge .  She has some really great recipes, that are super easy.  While I was watching the other day I saw her make this Easy Tuscan Chicken Pasta.  I immediately knew my readers (you all) would love this recipe, so I reached out to her and asked if it would be okay for me to share the recipe on my blog.

She was so sweet to agree, and here we are!  This recipe is AMAZING and I can't wait to share it with you so...

Let's Get Started!

Grilled Pasta Primavera Recipe

Summer is one of my favorite seasons to cook in.  Why?  Because of the abundance of all the beautiful, fresh, produce available to us.  Meals like this gorgeous Grilled Pasta Primavera happen quite frequently in my kitchen.  

However, often times those produce go bad before I have a chance to use them.  That's until now.  Today I'm so excited to be partnering with Kroger and Rubbermaid to show you how their new Rubbermaid® FreshWorks™storage containers can help keep your produce fresher, longer.  With various sizes available to accommodate all sorts of produce, a crisper tray to keep your produce up from excess moisture, and the new patented FreshVent™, the FreshWorks™Storage Containers keep your vegetables fresher up to 80% longer (*Based on strawberries in FreshWorks™ containers vs. store packaging. Results may vary depending upon produce and use.)!  That's AMAZING! #SeeHowFreshWorks

I purchased my containers from my local Kroger with this awesome $2 off coupon from Ibotta along with all of the produce I needed for my Grilled Pasta Primavera Recipe.  I can't wait to share it with you so...

Let's Get Started!

Bacon Cheddar Cheeseburger with Onion Jam and Garlic Aioli Recipe

The finished cheeseburger with the title above.

We are well into the summer season, and that means its time to get our #GrillNGear.  Many of us love attending a good BBQ, but often times we shy away from hosting because it can seem daunting and overwhelming.  If that's you, FEAR NO MORE!  Today I'm partnering with Giant Eagle to show you that with a few store bought items, quality ingredients, and some simple homemade tricks, you will be hosting the summer soiree that everyone will be talking about and my Bacon Cheddar Cheeseburgers with Onion Jam and Garlic Aioli are why!  I'm sharing all my secrets, so get ready!

First things first though, let's head to the store.  

Many of the items I purchased at Giant Eagle, in the grocery aisle.

Even though Giant Eagle is sponsoring this post, I'm not lying when I say that I feel they have one of the best meat departments in my area.  I can always find fresh, quality, cuts of meat as well as creative things such as these gorgeous Certified Angus Beef Gourmet Bacon Cheeseburger Patties.  The chunks of cheddar and bacon in these things were huge, and I KNEW it was going to make a great burger.

After that I grabbed some Pepsi, Hellmann's, Pepperidge Farm Farmhouse Dark Chocolate Chip Cookies, and a few items from the deli.  That's the beauty of a great BBQ, you don't have to have anything fancy, just one show stopping item, and yummy things for everyone to munch on.   Now its time to head out and get this #GrillNGear show on the road!  I can't wait to share the recipe with you so...

Let's Get Started!

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