Thursday, August 21, 2014

Greek Salad

I will confess, when it comes to salad I usually just buy the bag and call it done.  I know, I know, but look, we can't ALL be Julia Child.  *lol*  Anyway, the other night we were having some very special guests over and I was making a luscious roasted beef tenderloin with mashed cauliflower.  I needed something to cut through the richness of those two items so I opted for a salad.  However, since we were having guests, I didn't want to simply serve them salad out of the bag.  So, I went to the pantry and fridge to see what I could come up with.  Hmmm, kalamata olives, onion, cherry tomatoes, feta, cucumber....  Oh I know!  Greek Salad!  So here it is MY take on a Greek Salad complete with a little homemade dressing I whipped up!

Let's get started!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Wake Up Wednesday Linky Party #30 HERE WE GO!!!

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This weeks 
Featured Bloggers

Today I want to share my front porch with you. My accessories have both complimenting and contrasting colors in them. I wanted them to work with my house color (Cabot exterior latex stain in Spruce Blue.) and not clash.

Glass Insulator Lights

Glass Insulator Lights
Today, I thought I would share with you some of the lights what we installed in our new house! 

Carrot Orange Bread

Carrot Orange Bread with Orange Juice Glaze
Created a special treat today that I know you will love.  I’m calling it my Carrot Orange Bread with Orange Juice Glaze.

Even though my Peach Cobbler was a failure this week, living in Georgia: I HAVE to can peaches each year. Now, we have a ton of Summer Georgia Peaches for the next few seasons thanks to successful canning. 

Whipped Feta Dip from The Pink Recipe Box

Whipped Feta Dip |

Sometimes I feel like the recipes I share with you guys are too simple and too fast to 
call them recipes. Today is one of those days. 

Thrifty Thursday...Glass Mushrooms for the Garden
from Artistic Endeavors Inc 101
A trip to the thrift store with my daughter yielded supplies for a quick garden project.

Chicken Bacon Ranch Pizza
from Upstate Ramblings
Slice of Chicken Bacon Ranch Pizza
Pizza makes an good family dinner, because it is not only quick to make it is cost effective too.  But always serving cheese pizza is boring, so I like to change it up with some different toppings.  A few weeks ago I made Chicken Bacon Ranch Pizza, and the family loved it!

Crock Pot Shredded Beef Tacos Recipe
from A Mom's Take
Crock Pot Shredded Beef Tacos
While I grew up eating what I now refer to as the American version of a beef taco, I found as an adult that I much prefer the milder flavor and taste of a traditional shredded beef taco.

DIY Citrus Avocado Face Mask
from Robyn's View
Citrus Avocado Face Mask
Avocados are rich in moisturizing oils and healthy fats that you skin will adore. When you combine avocados with the skin brightening properties of citrus, you have a face mask that can’t be beat!

DIY: Cucumber Mint Body Scrub + Free Printable Labels
from Living Frugal with Erika
I know that we all need a little relaxation from time to time, and what better way than with a DIY Scrub? Not only is this perfect for relaxing at home, it also makes a wonderful frugal gift idea! Take an afternoon and create this easy DIY Cucumber Mint Body Scrub

 Homemade Coffee Sugar Scrub
from Living Chic
I have been obsessed with Homemade Body Scrub recipes lately. I decided to whip up a Coffee Sugar scrub recipe of my own this morning. It is so easy and very inexpensive.

Funfetti Cake Bites

Funfetti Cake Bites
We love dessert at the Smith House, and though I’m obviously not a professional baker, I still enjoy whipping up some sort of sweet treat to share after dinner.

How-to: sew a soft ball
from Green Apple Colttage

soft toy ball
Another baby boy was born on the very day I posted a picture of a home made soft ball  I had sewn for my nephew. A perfect opportunity to sew another one, don't you think? This time, I added several loops.

Lemon Blueberry Squash Bread

from Cooking with K
Lemon Blueberry Squash Bread
Have you every heard of yellow squash in a quick bread recipe?  I was first introduced to it last summer  by my daughter.  I love to bake with zucchini in bread, but never had made any with summer yellow squash.

The Last Wall in my Kitchen!!

from Debbie Dabble

Finally, I would like to share with you the last wall in my Kitchen......
And wrap up my Series on my Kitchen where I shared One Wall at a Time......

Every weekday I get an email from Short Daily Devotions, this one yesterday really touched my heart and spoke to me. I really want to share it with you today.

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Three Cheese Beef and Noodle Casserole

We are a very budget oriented family.

I have a very strict grocery budget each month, and I do my very best to stick to that budget.  However, sometimes my artistry in the kitchen gets the best of me and before I know it, we are only half way through the month and I have nearly blown my entire budget!  This is when, instead of panicking, I start getting really creative.  Most of us have random ingredients laying around in our refrigerators and pantries that just sit there due to lack of inspiration.  It is in moments like this that those random elements really come in handy. Today's recipe is the perfect example of that!  Three Cheese Beef and Noodle Casserole.  This is my first time making this, but I tell you CERTAINLY won't be my last!

Let's get started!

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Shepherdless Pie

It's Meatless Monday and I have to say I am really starting to look forward to it each week.  So often when we think of meatless or vegan dishes we assume they are full of odd ingredients that will totally break the bank, but what I am finding is that sometimes Meatless Monday is just a matter of taking one of my favorite dishes and thinking outside of the box!  Take this Shepherdless Pie for example.  This has all of the wonderful, filling flavor that I have grown up with in a traditional Shepherd's Pie, but it is totally vegan!  I know you are going to love and I can't wait to share with you how I made it!

Let's Get Started!

Friday, August 15, 2014

Mashed Cauliflower

I love a good potato.  I do.  However, and don't throw anything at my for saying this, sometimes I just feel like the potato has been overplayed and I want something a little different.  After all, we have all of these fantastic summer produce at our disposal right now.  Why are we living in the potato rut?  I know what you are thinking. "But, I love the creaminess."  I say if that is the only thing holding you back, I have just what the Dr. ordered.  How about trying some delicious, creamy, Mashed Cauliflower?  Don't let the idea scare you off.  This summer side dish is down right delectable and, if done properly, I dare say you will never know the difference!

Let me show you how I make it!

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Marinated Grilled Chicken Sandwich w/ Roasted Red Pepper & Goat Cheese

It's almost the weekend and, if you're like me, you are starting to run out of steam.  You're not quite ready to order take-out, but you're not going to be making anything fancy...or are you?  It is on nights like this that I like to take a few simple ingredients and jazz them up a bit to make something special!  Take these Marinated Grilled Chicken Sandwiches with Roasted Red Peppers and Goat Cheese.  It sounds fancy, but this couldn't be more simple for a busy, late-in-the-week, meal.  Let me show you how I make it!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Homemade Cinnamon Rolls

We have had the Saturday Morning Cinnamon Roll tradition in my house for nearly as long as we have been married.  You see, I learned early on in our relationship that the way to my husband's heart is through freshly baked goods, and lots of them.  *lol*

I will confess that, until this past weekend, I was guilty of just buying the canned cinnamon rolls and calling it a day.  There is nothing wrong with it, and for a family of two it just makes sense.  All of the recipes I have or have found make 12 and up cinnamon rolls.  That is just way to many.  However, Studhubs has been working so hard recently around the house I wanted to do something special for him.  This is why I decided to tackle making a 6 count cinnamon roll recipe.  I wasn't successful in a six count, but I did manage 8 and they were DELICIOUS!!!  I can't wait to share my recipe with you so Let's Get Started!