Friday, January 19, 2024

Country Style Black Eyed Peas Recipe

Beans are a staple here in West Virginia.  They are warm, filling, nutritious, and affordable.  That's why they make frequent appearances on our table.  Honestly you give me a pot of beans, some cabbage, fried potatoes, and corn bread and I am in Heaven.  That's why I think everyone should know how to make a great Country Style Black Eyed Peas Recipe.

Whether it's your New Years Day tradition or a cold winter craving, these Country Style Black Eyed Peas ALWAYS hit the spot.  Oh!  And I might add that I love serving them over rice.  I know you're gonna love them so let me show you how I make them. 


  • You don't have to soak the beans overnight, but that will affect the cooking time and liquid amounts.

  • You can use chicken broth instead of beef if you like or water works too.

  • Other meat alternatives would be bacon or ham hock. If you would like to keep this vegan you can add a couple shakes of liquid smoke instead.

  • If you want to keep this vegan/vegetarian you can substitute the beef broth for vegetable broth.


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