Christmas Dessert Charcuterie Board

Friday Night in my house is ALWAYS family fun night.  That usually means pizza, games, and a movie. During the Christmas season I try to make movie time extra special.  I wrap all of our Christmas movies, so we never know which one it is going to be, and I make a special movie snack.  One of our favorites is this Christmas Dessert Charcuterie Board.  

I love this recipe because it really is just a matter of mixing some food coloring into icing and spreading out your choice of confectionary morsels.  Best part your kiddos can actually so this themselves while you are doing the dinner dishes.  Let me show you how I do it! 


Q:  Can I make this ahead of time and store in the fridge?
A:  You could most certainly mix the food coloring and icing the night before, but I wouldn't assemble it till you are ready to eat.  The cookies will get soggy and the icing will harden if you do. 

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