Wednesday, June 28, 2023

Chicken and Vegetable Sheet Pan Meal


Sheet pan meals, oh how I love thee.  Seriously.  How nice is it to be able to throw a bunch of stuff on a baking sheet, toss it in the oven, and call it dinner?  IT'S AMAZING! You are only limited to your imagination.  There are no rules.  But incase you are someone who needs some rules in their life, here is one of my favorite sheet pan meals of Chicken and Vegetable Sheet Pan Meal.

This Roasted Chicken and Vegetable Sheet Pan Meal is packed full of great flavor and veggies.  My secret ingredient of a bread crumb and parmesan coat on everything gives it a delightful crust that I know you are going to love.  Here is how I make it.  


Q:  Can I use chicken thighs?

A: Yes

Q:  Can you make this vegan/vegetarian?

A:  Absolutely!  You can sub the chicken for your favorite vegan variety.  Tofu and Soy Curls would work well here too.  Also sub for vegan cheese.  

Q:  Do I have to use the vegetables listed?  

A:  No.  Use whatever vegetables you enjoy.  This is just what I had on hand.  

Q:  Can this be made KETO?

A  Yes, substitute the breadcrumbs with ground up pork rinds or omit all together.  


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