Butterfinger Bark Recipe

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Halloween in just around the corner and we are all faced with parties, get togethers, and trick-or-treat that we need to prepare for.  A simple delight that I LOVE to make is my delicious Butterfinger Bark. 

It's sweet, salty, crunchy, absolute perfection and it is ready to go in no time!  I can't wait to show you how to make it, so...

Let's Get started!


Homemade Pear Ginger Ice Cream

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Tonight is date night.  Studhubs and I don't have traditional date nights these days.  I think anyone who cares for someone else can relate to the fact that, whether it's children or an elderly parent, getting away is not always easy. So lately we have been doing a lot of after bed "Stay In" date nights.  But just because you're staying in doesn't mean it can't be special.  For example, tonight we're going to light up the fire pit, hook up the shop radio, and have a romantic evening under the stars.    I always try to have a special treat for these kind of evenings so tonight I am making a delicious Homemade Pear Ginger Ice Cream.  

The finished ice cream in a bowl.

The other day when I was walking through Giant Eagle I noticed they had this new #FlavorsOfFall line of food products.  That's one of the things I love about them.  They are so great about having   items that you just can't find anywhere else.  Anyway, as I was perusing through the aisles I saw this Pear Ginger Cider.  I immediately thought to myself "that would make a great ice cream". So I scooped it up and put it in my cart.  Then I saw the Gingersnap Granola and thought "that would make the perfect topping" so in the cart it went.  I picked up a couple more things that I needed and was on my way home to get started! 


Creamy Leek and Potato Soup Recipe

WOW!  The temperatures are really starting to drop around here, and that means soup is on the menu more often.   I honestly forget how the topic came up, but a friend of mine was asking me about leek recipes for her brother, and I told her that Creamy Leek and Potato Soup was one of my favorites.  

The finished soup, in a bowl, grilled cheese behind, and the title above.

It's warm, hearty, and the leeks give it that great "onion" flavor without being to strong.  It is absolutely delicious and I can't wait to share it with you so...



How to Cook a Whole Chicken in Crockpot Recipe

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I love the idea of Sunday Supper, don't you?  Beautiful spread on the table, family gather around. But the reality of the situation is, Sunday is one of the busiest days of the week for me.  I have to be at church early for worship practice.  I'm usually there till 12:30, 1:00.  By the time I get home I'm in no mood to spend hours in the kitchen cooking.  That's why usually we eat out on Sunday.  But yesterday I decided to try something new.  I decided to try cooking a whole chicken in my crock pot. 

Pieces of cooked chicken on a plate with roasted vegetables behind it.  The title is at the top.

My good friend Catherine has been after me for a while to try this.  I was skeptical at best, but decided to go for it.  All I have to say is OH.MY.WORD!  This was literally THE BEST chicken I have EVER made!  It was tender, juicy, and every bit as good as a store bought rotisserie.  I am so excited to share with you how I made it so...



Baked Pumpkin Donuts with a Cafe Mocha Glaze

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I know that I've said this many, many times, but I am not a baker.  That's not to say I can't bake, but I just don't enjoy it as much as I do cooking.  So when the temperatures begin to drop and the urge to bake arises, I look for the easiest recipes possible.  That's why I LOVE these Baked Pumpkin Donuts w/a Cafe Mocha glaze.

The pumpkin donuts on a cooking rack, totally finished, with the title above the image.

With only three ingredients I can have these donuts out of the oven and in my belly in under 30 minutes.   Coat them with a delicious cafe mocha glaze and you have the PERFECT autumn treat!   I can't wait to share them with you so let's get started!


Mexican Fried Rice Recipe

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If you have followed my blog for any amount of time, you know that I'm a hard core advocate of the pantry.  When your pantry is well stock, dinner on busy weeknights goes from "No I can't." to #YesYouCAN!  Take my easy Mexican Fried Rice Recipe.  Using a few simple ingredients from my pantry I not only have dinner for tonight, but some amazing take-two recipes as well!  

Finished Mexican fried rice, in a tortilla bowl, with toppings and the title at the top.

I know you're going to love this, and the best part it is ready in only 20 minutes!  I can't wait to share it with you so...

Let's Get Started!

2 Ingredient White Chicken Chili Queso Dip

The queso and chips on a white platter with a bag of the chili behind it, and the text at the top.

Can I tell y'all something?  This girl LOVES her some Sunday football!  Oh yeah!  I sho 'nuff do! Here's the problem though.  For the last two weeks my favorite team has kicked-off at 1 o'clock.  By the time I get home from church there is NO TIME to make any of those delicious football snacks we all love. That was until I decided to make it a #ProgressoGameDay with my 2 Ingredient White Chicken Chili Queso using Progresso's new Chili and Stews.

That's right, I said it only takes TWO ingredients, and is ready in FIVE minutes.  You are going to go wild for  this recipe so...

Let's Get Started!


Perfect Crockpot Beef and Barley Stew

The temperatures here in Northern West Virginia have really begun to drop recently, the leaves on the trees are turning, and autumn is DEFINITELY in the air.  For me these temperatures awaken the need for heavier, heartier meals, and I can't think of anything more perfect to kick this season off with than a Perfect Slow Cooker Beef and Barley Stew.  

The beef and barley stew, in a bowl, with the title above it on a black background.

Big meaty portions of tender beef, delicious vegetables, savory beef broth, my mouth is literally watering just thinking about it.  The thing that I adore most about this recipe is that you can prepare it the night before and let it cook in the crock-pot all day long.  I know you are going to love the recipe so...

Let's Get Started!


#AD Butter Chicken Pasta

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School is back in session and fall sports are in full swing.  Life definitely gets busy this time of year. That's why I'm always looking for recipes to keep things #EverydayEffortless, but that I can still feel good about serving to to my family. My Butter Chicken Pasta is all of those things.  

It's delicious, ready in FIFTEEN minutes, and only requires ONE POT!  How great is that?!? I know you are going to love it so...

Let's Get Started!

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