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Teriyaki Chicken Recipe (with plant based alternatives)

 I love Asian food.  When it's my turn to choose where we eat out, 9 times out of 10 it will be Asian.  I think it's the sweet, spicy, salty, savory blend of the flavors that draw me in. I literally crave it.  Asian meals are great for weeknight meals because they are so simple to make and usually only require a few simple ingredients.  Yes, there are various "sauces" required, but if you love these sort of meals I find that the ingredients are often times the same.  One of my favorite Asian comfort meals is Teriyaki Chicken.  

It's so easy to make.  Literally dinner is on the table in the time it takes for your rice to cook and best of all it's easy to adapt to my plant based lifestyle.  Yes, we are a house divided.  My husband eats meat and dairy occasionally, my son is vegetarian, and I am 100% plant-based so recipes like this Teriyaki Chicken are perfect for us.  The key here is the homemade sauce.  Sure, you can buy a jar of your favorite teriyaki sauce at the store, but there is something a little more special about making it from scratch that makes it taste better.  Not to mention that the sauce is SOOOOOOOO simple to make it seems silly to even buy it.  Anyway, we love this recipe in our house and I think you will too.  Let me show you how I make it.  

If frying pans aren't your thing I do have a great Baked Chicken Teriyaki recipe on my blog that I will link HERE.  


* For a meat substitute I like using soy curls.  Yes, you can use a vegan chicken, but I try to limit "fake meats" in my diet and this is a great whole food option.  Not to mention it is a great source of clean protein.  I order my soy curls HERE from Amazon, but they are becoming more readily available in local grocers. Also, I'm not a stickler on buying organic, we're all trying to save money here, but when it comes to soy products I ALWAYS recommend buying organic.  

* The soy curls come to you dehydrated, so they will need to be reconstituted.  You do this by letting them soak in hot water for about 10 minutes.  I like to you a vegan chicken broth or good, flavorful vegetable broth for this to add lots of flavor and gives it the "chicken" taste you want.  

*Once your soy curls are rehydrated you will drain them, squeeze out any excess liquid, and follow the recipe just like you would normally with chicken.  


Q:  Do I have to use chicken thighs?

A:  No.  Chicken Breasts will work in this recipe. I just think chicken thighs give the most flavor and are generally less expensive.  You don't have to use chicken at all.  You could use pork, ground beef, shrimp.  Chicken is just what most people readily have on hand. 

Q:  Are soy curls gluten free?

A:  Yes, generally soy curls are gluten free, but as always, check your labels.  

Q:  Do I have to use rice wine vinegar?  

A:  No.  You can substitute it with white wine vinegar or apple cider vinegar, but I would only add a tablespoon at a time till it's the flavor you want.  Those vinegars tend to be way more potent than the rice wine vinegar.  

Q:  Do I have to use brown sugar?

A:  No.  You can use honey, agave, coconut sugar, or any sweetener you choose.  

Q:  Is there an alternative to cornstarch for this recipe?

A:  Yes, arrowroot powder works well here as well. You can also use flour and water here, but you won't get that glossy finish. 


I like to serve this Teriyaki chicken over rice or noodles with a side of broccoli.  It's also great in a stir fry.  I have also make wraps with it as well. 

I also like to top the Teriyaki Chicken with slices green onions and sesame seeds.  


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