Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Big Mac Wrap Recipe (with Plant-Based Alternatives)

 Every once in a while I get a hard core craving for a Big Mac.  I just do.  However, have you seen the prices at McDonalds these days?  YIKES! I mean who can afford to eat out anymore.  Usually I would just make my Copy Cat Big Mac at home (I will link the recipe HERE), but as fate would have it I didn't have buns this day and I didn't feel like going to the store.  I decided on a Big Mac Bowl (I'll link that recipe HERE.  Yes, I know, clearly I have a problem), but I was rummaging through my fridge and I was inspired.  I had these leftover grande size tortillas left over from quesadillas the other night and there the idea for Big Mac Wraps was born! 

The Big Mac Wrap on a plate, cut in half.

When I tell you that these Big Mac Wraps were so good.  These Big Mac Wraps were Scrum-del-icious.  Y'all, there are just no words.  And EASY!  They are so easy to make there really is no reason to go through a drive-thru again.  Oh, and BONUS I'm sharing some plant-based swaps that are just a good with a little less guilt.  Anyway, I am super excited to share this with you so...

Let's Get Started! 


Q: Can I use something other than ground beef for this recipe?

A:  Yes!  Aside from the plant-based alternatives I will share in a minute, you can use ground turkey for this recipe, ground chicken, even sausage.  Whatever ground meat you prefer will be fine.  

Q:  Is there an easier alternative to the sauce?

A:  I mean, I don't know how this sauce could get any easier, but if you don't want to mess with making it yourself, just use Thousand Island Dressing. 

Q:  I can't find the grande size tortillas at my store.  Is there anything else I can use?

A:  If you can't find the grande size tortillas use two taco sized ones and overlap a little in the middle. Then you will roll as normal to make your wrap.  


  • One of my favorite things about a Big Mac is the tiny little soft onions.  You know the ones.  They almost look like minced garlic, but they aren't.  You don't have to have great knife skills to achieve that.  All you need are some dried minced onions and HOT water.  Let the dried minced onions reconstitute in the hot water, drain the water off, and there you go!  
  • I love using dill pickle slices on these wraps, but if you don't have pickles I also LOVE using sweet pickle relish!  In my opinion it makes the Big Mac even better.  

The Big Mac Wrap cut in half on a plate.


Making this recipe plant-based or vegan couldn't be easier.  All you need to do is use your favorite plant "meat" option.  Personally I like using seasoned tofu or my TVP Ground 'MEAT' Alternative that I will link (HERE), but whatever you prefer is fine.  

After that it is as simple as swapping out the mayo for vegan mayo and the cheese for vegan cheese.  

Even with these swaps the flavor is out of this world!

In our home we eat a lot of plant-based meals because I am vegan.  My husband is not, and my son is vegetarian.  Finding great swaps helps me from cooking two meals all the time.  

Also, the health benefits.  When using the plant-based meat alternative (especially when you make your own) you have little to no saturated fat which is great if you have high cholesterol or are trying to lose weight.  

Lastly I will say IT'S WAY CHEAPER!  Dude, have you seen the price of meat!?!  It's outrageous!  I can make this meat free for a fraction of the cost.  



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