Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Crockpot Mississippi Meatballs

 It's October and you know what that mean...CROCKTOBER!  Yes, we will be covering A LOT of crockpot cooking this month and to kick things off I am sharing with you my recipe for Crockpot Mississippi Meatballs!  

I love this recipe because its a true dump and go meal that you throw in the crockpot before work and it ready when you get home.  I love to serve them over some delicious instant mashed potatoes (just keeping it real here), but is also great with rice or noodles.  If you love the traditional Mississippi Pot Roast I know you're going to love this, so let me show you how you make it. 


Q:  Can I use homemade meatballs in the recipe?

A:  Yes!  Here is my homemade meatball recipe if you are interested. HOMEMADE MEATBALLS

Q: Can you use chicken or turkey meatballs?  

A:  Yes.

Q:  Can this be made vegan/vegetarian?

A:  Yes.  Use vegan meatballs (I really like the Gardine Brand) and make sure you get a vegetarian brown gravy mix.  Use vegan butter, vegetable broth, and there you have it!  


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