Sunday, March 23, 2014

GUEST BLOG DAY: Homemade "RAWHIDE" Dog Treats From Katelyn's Kitchen

Well, today is Sunday, and that means Guest Blog Day!  I don't know about you, but I really enjoy Alicia's couponing segment and learned a lot.  Life is about being a constant student and I love soaking up knowledge from people who are wiser than I! 
Today's guest post comes to you from Katelyn White. 
She lives in my hometown with her husband Jamie and their two fur babies Fenix and Crystal.
Fenix (brown) and Crystal (white) White :)

She is an AMAZING dog mom that cares as much about what goes into the bodies of her dogs as you would your children!  The Chicken Jerky recipe she shared a while back was awesome, and my own fur babies devoured them!  I hope you enjoy today's tasty, homemade, dog treat recipe because I know it comes to you from a lot of love!

Happy Reading, Happy Eating, Happy Living,

~The Kitchen Wife~


I got Fenix, who also goes by Mr. Feeny, shortly after I got married in 2009.  Fenix is the first dog I have ever raised while living on my own.  I’ve learned A LOT since the day my husband and I picked out our first furbaby.

I have always loved baking, especially for my husband. Then, one day out of the blue it just hit me…Why not make my own goodies for Fenix too? It couldn’t be THAT hard.   So, I began researching and recipe testing.  Sweet potato rawhides were the first homemade dog treats I ever made and they were a huge hit! Along the way, I started tweaking and creating my own recipes for dog treats as well.  So, I hope your furbaby will love these treats as much as mine.  I love knowing I am giving Fenix homemade, safe, and healthy treats

Sweet Potato Rawhides:
            Have you ever given your dog a rawhide bone to chew, later to find weird, gooey, and crusty spots where your dog had been chowing down on his bone?  If you answered yes, I have an easy solution that your dog will enjoy. Plus, it's cheap and healthy!

Tools you will need:
Mandolin slicer
            *A good ol' knife and cutting board will work also.
            *If you don't have a dehydrator, an oven set to its lowest temperature will work fine (just place your sliced sweet potatoes on a baking sheet.)

Sweet Potatoes


Clean the sweet potatoes with warm water and pat dry.  Although I leave the skins on, you can remove them if you prefer. 
After you have gathered your tools and sweet potatoes, slice your sweet potatoes length-wise about 3/16 of an inch thick. Although it IS easier to slice the sweet potatoes into disks, the disks just do not turn out as well.  They have a strange texture and shrivel up.
Place your sweet potato slices on the dehydrator racks with space in between slices for good air flow.
Once all of the moisture has been removed, the treats are ready!  This step can vary in time, but it usually take anywhere from 8-10 hours.  It helps to flip the pieces over and rotate the trays every couple of hours.  Since the treats are preservative free, they will need to be kept refrigerated to ensure freshness.  ENJOY!
(Fun Fact:  In talking to Katelyn, she told me that these "rawhides" are also good for teething babies.)

**I always have pieces of sweet potato that I don’t feel comfortable slicing any smaller. I want to keep my fingers! So, if you have leftover ‘scraps’ from slicing the sweet potatoes, remove the skin with a potato peeler, dice, and boil until soft.  Drain the water, mash with a fork, and refrigerate in an airtight container until you are ready to use it.  This mash can be an ingredient for other dog treat recipes.**



  1. My puppy is teething and has allergies. The regular rawhide give her the runs! Hopefully this will be a good alternative for her! Thanks also for giving me another reason to use my Nesco!

    1. You are so welcome! I can't wait to hear what you think of them!

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