Wednesday, August 9, 2023

Kung Pao Tofu Recipe


I LOVE TOFU!  I have a confession to make, and I am sure you are not going to agree with me, I would rather have tofu over chicken.  If you don't agree with me it's because you haven't had it made the right way.  Take this Kung Pao Tofu Recipe.  

It's super flavorful, filling, a great source of clean protein.  Bonus, my son (who is the pickiest of picky eaters) finds the texture palatable than animal protein.  It's a wonderful option for a meatless meat and hey, if you REALLY are anti-tofu, just substitute for chicken.  Anyway, I really think you are going to like this one, so let me show you how I did it. 


Q:  Do I have to use tofu?
A: No, you can substitute for any kind of protein you like.  However, a change will affect the cooking time. 

Q:  I can't find the super firm tofu.  Can I used another kind.  
A:  Yes.  Firm tofu will work as well.  Just be sure to "press" it under a couple plates for 10-15 minutes first.

For a more meaty texture freeze and thaw the tofu the night before. 

Q:  Do I have to use vegetable stock.  
A:  No chicken or beef stock will work with this as well. 


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