Sunday, March 2, 2014

Couponing with Alicia Week 3: Getting Started

      Last week we summarized the four questions I asked when I began couponing. I hope you all have subscribed to a newspaper, purchased some at your local gas station or used a trusted site like WizClips to get some coupons to get started. I am going to attempt to detail those first two questions while my two year old is using me as a human jungle gym. Here goes.


What do I need?


            I mentioned last post that in addition to coupons, you will need a way to organize these. I personally use the binder method. After I cut my coupons out, I place them in baseball sleeves I snatched, with permission, from my husband. I categorize them based on the sections as you would find them in the grocery store. I went through my favorite two stores in my mind and arranged my coupons as the items could be found. I do not have dividers with categories names on them, but I know of friends that do and it is just an extra way to find the coupons quickly. I have a tote that I put my three-ring binder in as well as sale ads for the week and a pair of scissors. This is my preferred method. There are a few other methods that might entice you. There are plenty of great posts about these other options that you could find with a little internet research.


Where do I get them?


            As I have mentioned before, you have several coupon acquiring options. First and the most well-known is to call your local newspaper and subscribe to their Sunday delivery. I would advise to get at least two papers delivered weekly. The thing with couponing is to maximize your savings by purchasing multiple items at the lowest possible price. A second choice, and probably my favorite, is to purchase whole inserts through a trusted site like WizClips. This option allows you to pay less than the newspaper subscription price so that you can lower your out of pocket cost. I also like this one because you can purchase the inserts that would be found in other regions. Sometimes those have different brand coupons and higher values than your local paper. The third option, also through WizClips, is to purchase multiples of certain coupons. This is great for those can't live without, use all the time items. Or for the couponer that wants to start small and save the most on what they know they will use most. The fourth option is loading coupons onto your rewards card from your local grocery store. You can go onto their internet site for stores like Krogers or Giant Eagle, and load coupons onto your card. Just remember that these can't double and cannot be combined with a paper coupon. Sometimes this can be tricky because if you have a great paper coupon and have already loaded a coupon on your card, the coupon on your card will be used without a choice. You cannot chose which coupon you want to use at the register. The fifth option is internet coupon sites. I used these a lot when I started. You can find some coupons that wouldn't be offered in the newspapers.



            I hope that some more detail on these questions helped. As always you can asked questions at the end of this post and I will answer them so we can help you save money!

Happy Saving,


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